Upcoming Events:

massFM First Annual Meeting

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Virtual meeting: noon until 3:30

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Annual Conference Training

 "Managed Retreat Toolkit and Case Studies from the Adaptation Clearinnghouse on Retreat From Rising Seas"


 Katie Spidalieri, J.D., Senior Associate, Georgetown University Law Center

Georgetown Climate Center, Georgetown University  


Managed retreat, or the voluntary movement and transition of people and ecosystems away from vulnerable coastal areas, is increasingly becoming part of the conversation as coastal states and communities face difficult questions on how best to protect people, development, infrastructure, and coastal ecosystems from sea-level rise, flooding, and land loss. Georgetown Climate Center’s new Managed Retreat Toolkit combines legal and policy tools, best and emerging practices, and case studies to support peer learning and decision-making around managed retreat and climate adaptation. Join us for a full discussion about this new tool, as well as Georgetown’s Equitable Adaptation Legal & Policy Toolkit, which aids local governments and community-based organizations nationwide that are centering equity in their adaptation initiatives.

Annual Conference Keynote Panel and Interviews

 "From the Berkshires to the Bay - An Overview of Flood Mitigation across the Commonwealth"


 We’ll be exploring the unique flood management challenges, solutions, and policy frameworks, as well as the latest tools and datasets, being used in each region across Massachusetts.  Out panel consists of scientists, practitioners, and policy makers who are spearheading the Commonwealth’s flood mitigation efforts:

  • Anne Herbst - Senior Regional Environmental Planner, MAPC. She works on environmental planning projects including climate adaptation and hazard mitigation.Kimberly Noake


  • MacPhee, P.G., CFM - Land Use / Natural Resources Program Manager, FRCOG. Her work includes green infrastructure for stormwater management, fluvial geomorphology and erosion hazards, natural hazard mitigation, climate change, and watershed-scale planning.

  • Dr. Mark Borrelli - Director and Associate Scientist, CaPE Lab. Research Faculty,


  • Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies. His research interests include coastal sedimentary processes in general and understanding how storms, sea level rise and anthropogenic impacts affect the coast in particular.


The Panel will be moderated by Bob Seay of GBH News, who has reported on Bay-State planning issues since 2010, and is aware of flood concerns in his hometown on the Cape. 


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Past Events:

Exclusive Webinar: Floodplain Design, Construction + Impacts on Flood Insurance (held on May 13, 2020)

Webinar Flyer

massFM/NMCOG Floodplain Management Workshop: Tewskbury, MA (held on October 10, 2019):

Event Flyer


A Brief Overview on Impacts of Climate Change and why Floodplain Management Matters

FEMA Flood Studies and Maps - Letters of Map Change
Flood Insurance and Mitigation
NFIP Basics in Massachusetts
Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program
MEMA HMA Briefing
2018 MA State Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Plan

massFM Kickoff Tour: Springfield, MA (held on April 11, 2019)

Event Flyer


The Stream Crossings Explorer

Substantial Improvement Practices

Fluvial-Geomorphology and Flood Risk Management

Post-disaster Responsibilities of Local Officials


massFM Kickoff Event (held on Nov. 8, 2018):

Event Flyer


No Adverse Impact - A Common Sense Strategy for Floodplain Management

Historic Structures in the Floodplain - Mitigation and Compliance

Post-disaster Responsibilities of Local Floodplain Administrators

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