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Members only “Lunch & Learn” meetings will be held every other month on Thursdays at noon. Our next Lunch & Learn will be held on June 9, 2022, is eligible for 1 CEC, and is described below:

Title: "Newest News" from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)

Workshop description: Anne will discuss MAPC’s analysis, and policy implications, of claims data from the March 2010 rainstorms that resulted in a federal disaster declaration.  MAPC found that 93% of disaster and insurance claims in our region were located outside the FEMA 1% chance flood zone. Anne will also introduce MAPC’s new web-based resource that provides local examples of regulatory strategies that promote climate resilience: Climate Resilient Land Use Strategies – MAPC.

Speaker:  Anne Herbst, Principal Environmental Planner with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). 

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Our next scheduled meetings are on:
            June 9, 2022 (described above)

            August 11, 2022


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