The mission of the Massachusetts Association for Floodplain Management (massFM) is to create a forum for the exchange of local knowledge about floodplain management, to share that knowledge with the public, to inform municipal and statewide policies and procedures, and to improve the Commonwealth’s ability to mitigate flood hazards now and in the future. massFM strives to be inclusive across multiple disciplines, regardless of means.

The Association will serve as a supportive framework for those who manage floodplains, and who engage in associated professions, within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and surrounding states. The Association will serve as a forum for education, the exchange of ideas, and increasing public awareness about floodplain hazards and management practices. The Association shall solicit the thoughts, ideas, concerns, and issues related to floodplain management from its members to affect and integrate better management practices within public policy. Such pursuits will be based on the collective experience of a diverse statewide membership and result in environmental stewardship and better collaboration locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally among all partners and stakeholders with an interest in minimizing future flood risk and damages in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Educating, promoting, and informing on practices related to floodplain management.

The Association focuses its purpose on the following:


  • Providing opportunities for flood management practitioners to gain and share knowledge through workshops, meetings, and resource exchanges.


  • Promoting public awareness and implementation of effective and environmentally beneficial floodplain management principles including mitigation, resiliency, preparedness, response, and recovery and the linkages between them.

  • Informing and providing technical information relative to legislation pertinent and necessary to the effective implementation of sound floodplain management practices.

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Executive Board


Vice Chair:



Bin Wang

Rosalie Starvish

Matt Shultz

Noah Slovin

Regional Representatives


 David Azinheira

Joe Rossi
Courtney Semlow

Gabrielle Belfit

Shannon Hulst




Cape & Islands:

Regional Representatives



Newsletter Committee 

Rosalie Starvish (Lead)

David Azinheira

Shannon Hulst


Website Committee 

Matt Shultz (Lead)

David Azinheira (Lead)
Rosalie Starvish
Shannon Hulst
Bin Wang


Membership Committee 

Shannon Hulst (Lead)

Gabrielle Belfit (Lead)


Contact committee leads or massfloodplain@gmail.com to get involved!

Sponsorship Committee

Gabrielle Belfit (Lead)

Noah Slovin

Event Committee 

Noah Slovin (Lead)

Gabrielle Belfit
Bin Wang

Coordination Committee 

Bin Wang (Lead)

Joe Rossi (Lead)


Joy Duperault

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Email: massfloodplain@gmail.com

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